Global Markets

Potable Water, one of the world’s most precious commodities has come under threat due to over consumption, poor supply management, commercial waste-water withdrawals, and a worldwide population growing rapidly.

With growing population and industrial activities, this has been constraining drinking water resources, which are declining at an alarming rate. As the world population approaches 7.8 billion by 2030, the demand for potable water will stress the finite closed-loop water-cycle responsible for supplying the world’s freshwater supply, making water preservation one of the most needed and overlooked growth plays in the so-called “Green Sector”.

As a result of these issues, the market for sustainable technologies in water as well as wastewater treatment is driven by new opportunities arising due to the global economic meltdown, mainly in areas such as energy efficiency, recycling, resource recovery, reuse, and wastage reduction.

Urgent demands to reduce industrial water use, increase recycling, improve energy efficiency and increase supplies for drinking water and agricultural implications will drive demand for water treatment specialty chemicals and services above global GDP and industry growth rates. The market for specialty chemicals and services in water treatment is worth $8 billion to $10 billion annually, according to current producer and analyst estimates. Many leading producers have set aggressive growth targets for water treatment chemicals and services, ranging from the high-single digits to double-digits. And while there is a economic uncertainty for the near future, the beauty of this sector lies within it’s inherited value proposition; the world’s demand for fresh water will undoubtedly be increasing due to the world’s population increasing.