Who We Are

In an effort to combat growing concerns over the world’s fresh water supply, PCWT was formed to take part in the emerging green trend of global water investing. PCWT primarily targets businesses within the Agriculture and Industrial sectors, whose combined use of the world’s fresh water supply is roughly 92% annually.

What We Do

PCWT has designed a platform to help major consumers of fresh water not only reduce their use but has enabled them to recycle and reuse millions of gallons every day. By keeping major consumers of water compliant with environmental regulations, we are not only able to save our clientele millions of dollars a year, but we are able to save the world millions of gallons of water as well.

How We Do It

PCWT creates customized programs for clients who need assistance in reducing water consumption, energy usage, reducing capital equipment turnover, implementing safety & recovery programs, and assists in any other specialized environmental treatment programs needed.

Management Team

Craig S. McMillan

Mr. McMillan is currently the co-founder, Co-Chief Executive Officer and a director of Western, positions he has held since 2004. Western is an environmental services company. Prior to his work with Western, in 1993, Mr. McMillan founded Pacific Water Consultants, Inc. (PWC), a private industrial water-treatment firm based in the American Southwest. After five years of operations, Mr. McMillan and his partner successfully sold PWC to Harpure Enterprises. After the acquisition, Mr. McMillan was the manager of both AquaServ Engineers, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harpure and Pacific Water Consultants managing West coast operations and over 20 employees. From 1982 to 1993, Mr. McMillan worked for Betz Laboratories, an industrial water and waste treatment firm, where he was promoted 7 times in 11 years ultimately to West Coast Regional Manager. While at Betz, Mr. McMillan filled various duties including sales, logistics, employee management, and various onsite technical duties. Mr. McMillan began his career in 1977 as a Marine Biologist with Dames & Moore, an international consulting firm for environmental impact and engineering studies. At Dames & Moore, Mr. McMillan was a registered Dive Master and Chief Scientist where he headed projects internationally including: The Gulf of Mexico, the Middle East region, the North Sea, the Gulf of Alaska, and many other territories. Mr. McMillan received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marine Biology/Ocean Engineering from Cal State Long Beach. The Company believes that Mr. McMillan’s experience in the environmental services industry and his prior business experience are expected to contribute to the Board’s efforts to expand the Company’s business and implement the Company’s business and strategic objectives after the Closing.

Steve W. Roussin

Mr. Roussin is currently the co-founder, Co-Chief Executive Officer and a director of Western, positions he has held since 2004. Prior to his work with Western, in 1996, Mr. Roussin joined Pacific Water Consultants, Inc. (PCW), which eventually became a division of Harpure Enterprises, Inc. As Sales Manager of PWC, Mr. Roussin was responsible for expanding sales into the San Joaquin Valley and Nevada. After Harpure’s acquisition of PWC, Mr. Roussin left to co-found Western in 2004. From 1993 to 1994, Mr. Roussin worked for Laidlaw Environmental where he was District Manager of Southern California. While at Laidlaw, Mr. Roussin managed $40 million in sales, 20 employees, and oversaw sale and customer service operations specifically for the Southern California district. From 1984 to 1989, Mr. Roussin worked for Chemlink Petroleum (a division of Arco Chemical), where he managed $3 million in sales, technical personal, transportation and warehousing, DOT regulations, and EPA compliance. Mr. Roussin began his career in 1981 with Nalco Chemical as a technical sales representative. While at Nalco, his responsibilities included facility treatment for clientele, sales, shipment and logistics, and employee management. Mr. Roussin worked at Nalco Chemical until 1984. Mr. Roussin received his Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Cal State Northridge. The Company believes that Mr. Roussin’s management experience will be a valuable resource as the Company seeks to expand its business after the Closing.

Board of Advisors

James L. Donahue

Mr. James L. Donahue has 30 years of successful business experience working with diverse business enterprises including: IBM, Norrell, Medfirst Healthcare and TeamStaff Rx, MS2 Group, as well as serving as president of the Texas Staffing Association. During his career as a senior corporate executive, he has amassed an amazing chronicle of success, driving benchmark setting growth and corporate expansion, as well as spearheading effective and efficient business process implementations.

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