Company Overview

PCWT is an Environmental Services Company that primarily specializes in industrial water treatment, helping clients stay compliant with EPA regulations, commercial-scale water recycling, reducing energy costs, and helping clients transition into new ‘Green’ alternatives. Operating mainly throughout the United States, PCWT is expanding its services into new emerging economies and is committed to developing business relationships with new and existing customers built on respect, honesty, and integrity.


Pacific Clean Water Technologies
is focused on providing major Commercial and Industrial users of water recycle and reuse millions of gallons of water everyday.

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Global Market

Fresh ‘potable’ water, one of the world’s most precious commodities, has come under threat due to over-consumption, poor supply management, and worldwide population growth.

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For Investors and those who would like to learn more about PCWT. View corporate data, SEC Filings, and other resources developed specifically for existing and potential investors.

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